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Joy Carlough
Wilderness Walks

Walk with me on beautiful photo adventures. Wilderness is closer than you think and the journey IS the adventure!

Few things bring me greater joy than taking a walk in the woods and observing everything around me. I have a unique way of seeing things and try to capture the moment accordingly.

I can't seem to focus on one or two styles of photography; it's all exciting and I am forever learning. Guess I'd call my photography "Random" which encompasses landscape, sports, nightscape, wildlife, street-photography and whatever catches my eye.

Donna Watson Lawson 

WildSolace Photography

I specialize in landscape and wildlife photography with ghost towns, old buildings, and other old things thrown in for fun.

Individual and family photographer in Belgrade MT. Sessions include portrait, boudoir and wedding photography.

While I wait for my 'Style' to make itself known to me, I pursue landscape and wildlife photography. I occasionally let some other types sneak in, though.

I'm a full-time professional fine art landscape and nature photographer & educator with over 29 years of experience. I teach photo workshops, online classes, and one-on-one private instruction. I'm based in Bozeman, MT for most of the year but spend part of the winter in Scottsdale, AZ.

Tiffany Feisthamel

Cabo Studios

I love doing photo shoots for families and of pets (or both), but love photographing everything.  I'd really like to start photographing more concerts/music events.

Ranga Parthasarathy

R. Parthasarathy Photography

The pictures that I most enjoy taking are those that tell a story — apart from being two-dimensional representations of three-dimensional scenes, they also include time: what happened just before the shutter clicked?  What is going to happen immediately after? Shooting ghost towns illustrates this approach very well and the West is well-stocked with these subjects!

Come join me on my wandering days as I venture out into the Montana countryside capturing all the beauty that nature has to offer.

Photography has always intrigued me & I find inspiration with landscape, western history, wildlife, Montana splendor & astronomical subjects. I have found great benefit from CCOB & it's very talented members, who all love to share & learn. Photography is a natural fit for me that began with my many years of newsprint advertising experience, to my current real estate business that encourages me to keep up with the digital age.

I shoot "documentary" images of wildlife and domestic animals, dramatic scenery and weather, historical structures, color, and cultural activities. And charming candid portraits.

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