Our 2018 - 2019 Team

This team of elected creative and passionate photographers have taken on the challenging role of leading CCOB for the next two years. They're focusing on some new and original ideas to keep the club members learning and growing

—get to know them below!

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Larry Baker


Some 30 years ago I took a lot of underwater pictures in the South Pacific & Caribbean Seas. After some years I became very frustrated by the lack of a darkroom to finish my captures. So, I gave up photography. After I retired I discovered that I had more time than good sense so I bought a digital camera. What a luxury over film. Now my computer is the darkroom I yearned for years ago.

Ed Thomes.jpg

Ed Thomes

Vice President

Photography has always intrigued me and I find inspiration with landscape, western history, wildlife, Montana splendor and astronomical subjects. I have found great benefit from CCOB and it's very talented members, who all love to share and learn.  Photography is a natural fit for me that began with my many years of newsprint advertising experience, to my current real estate business that encourages me to keep up with the digital age.

Vickie Sehy.jpg

Vickie Sehy


I have been hooked on photography since I was six years old when my mother encouraged me to take photos using her Polaroid camera.  In the time since, I’ve developed a wide range of interests from Macro to wide scenic landscapes. These days you can find me traveling the back roads of Montana capturing the many ghost towns that live on in our beautiful state.

Mary Engel.jpg

Mary Engel


I've always liked photography but just recently got back into using a camera, after using a video camcorder for many years. I really like photographing animals; I feel very privileged when they allow me to photograph a moment of time in their lives. The Camera Club of Bozeman has been a great place for me to get to know other photographers and learn more about photography.  Being an officer is allowing me to 'give back' to the community that has helped me grow in this field.

© Lorna Simard


May 2018


This space is titled “A Message From Our President,” but it’s not. This space is made possible by the club’s Officer Team, the club’s Board of Directors and most of all the club’s Membership. I will try my inadequate best to write their message.

Two words come to mind. Participation. Exploration.

The true measure of a club’s success is the participation of its members. We began the year with an open membership discussion of club goals. From that discussion we revised out assignment method, started a website, and kicked off Pixel Pushers. All big changes designed to offer more opportunities to participate.

This year we are reaching out through our website and a special effort to contact other clubs and associations. We are exploring for new ideas and new ways to interact outside of our club. We want to let people know that the Camera Club of Bozeman is here and ready to participate in the wide world of photography.

 - Larry Baker

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