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Monthly Module Assignment

  • Each month we'll receive a new assignment topic to focus on; the topic is announced at the monthly meeting. A few topics so far this year have included landscape, HDR and focus stacking.

  • An attempt will be made each month to locate a meetup opportunity for club members to meet at a location in or around town to learn to photograph the topic together; and if you need more than one excuse to attend, it's also a great chance to socialize with friends! The date and time for this meetup will be announced at the meeting or via email.

  • The next Pixel Pusher's meeting will focus primarily on post processing those images so members can sharpen their skills, not just with their camera but also to sharpen their editing skills. You can find more information on these meetings below. 


Pixel Pushers

Third Wednesday of each month

6 PM

Pixel Pushers is a monthly post processing work group. The primary focus will be on editing images from the current monthly module assignment topic, however, any topic is fair game if someone has a specific need or interest. We meet at the Sourdough Fire Station administration building, 4541 S. 3rd Rd., Bozeman. 

As always, bring your computer. If you don’t have a portable computer there are plenty of screens to share.


This meeting is open to any prospective members as well.

Mentoring Program



The mentoring program for club members is up and running. If you would like help with a specific problem, please email me and I will pass it along to our group of volunteer mentors. If one of them can help I will pass along your contact information and they will contact you directly.

Everybody knows something. All it takes to be a mentor is the willingness to help our fellow club members. Please sign up to be a mentor. Maybe that little something you know can help someone.


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