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You don’t have to be an ‘Expert Photographer’ to be welcomed as a member of the Camera Club of Bozeman.  All you need is an interest in photography, rather that be digital or film.  Our aim is to encourage you to develop current and new interests and skills, as well as to provide a place to meet friendly people who share your interest.


Education, hands-on learning opportunities, competitions, new experiences, field trips and friendships are just some of the benefits of a camera club membership.

© Paul Holdorf

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Annual Dues

Membership dues with CCOB are $25.00 annually, payable at the January Meeting.

Annual dues cover individuals and immediate family members.

© Mike Beckworth

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How To Become
A Member

At this time we are unable to take payments online. So until then, discover the many benefits of membership with CCOB by joining us as a guest at any open meeting (check the calendar for details).  We would be happy to show you what we do.

©Lorna Simard

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Benefits of Membership

  • Meeting and associating with others who have the same interests.

  • Showing and discussing your work with others who have similar objectives.

  • Learning photographic techniques from others with years of experience.

  • Sharing your knowledge and experience with others.

  • Participation in field trips that can offer unique photo opportunities.

  • Having your images critiqued at club competitions.

  • Receive club emails and notifications.

© Lori Jacobs



Occasionally meetings will not be open to the general public. Please review our calendar for details on the next upcoming meeting; if it's an open meeting we'd love for you to join us!

Mountain Hot Tub, 8488 Huffine Lane, Upstairs Conference Room

January through October

4th Thursday of each month

7:00 - 9:00 pm

November Meeting

3rd Thursday of the month

7:00 - 9:00 pm

December meeting not held in lieu of a
Christmas party on a Saturday evening, date to be announced.

© Jacelyn Bronte


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